Online Publications

Relational Thinking: The People and Nature Blog (Invited) 9th February 2020 “Can animals – like
elephants – be refugees?”
Clare Palmer and Bob Fischer. 2019. “Just policy paralysis?” Invited commentary on Treves et al “Just
Preservation”. Animal Sentience 27 (3)
Clare Palmer and Peter Sandøe. 2019. “Yes, sheep are smart, but the moral question is still “Can they
suffer?” Invited commentary on Marino & Merskin on “Sheep Complexity”. Animal Sentience 25 (24)
British Ecological Society Policy Blog, 16 November 2018. (Invited) “A Smarter Approach to Intelligent
Relational Thinking: The People and Nature Blog. 6th November 2018 (Invited) “Is there a nature to speak
of? The Guelph Conference in Environmental Philosophy”
Clare Palmer and Peter Sandøe. “How best to rescue the American chestnut: Wildness as well as genetic
purity matters.” Invited response to paper by Evelyn Brister in Issues in Science and Technology 34/1 Forum.
Fall 2017.
Clare Palmer and Peter Sandøe. “How can zoos promote care and conservation simultaneously?” Center
for Humans and Nature. Invited. June 2016.
4.Christian Gamborg, Clare Palmer and Peter Sandøe. “Ethics of Wildlife Management and Conservation:
What Should We Try to Protect?” Nature Education Knowledge 3/7:8 2012.
3.“Ecological Intervention in Defense of Species: Response to Eckersley” Invited response to Robyn
Eckersley’s “Ecological Intervention: Prospects and Limits” Ethics and International Affairs 21/3 2007.
Published as part of the journal’s online forum, October 2007.
2.“Animals in Anglo-American Philosophy.” Commissioned review article for H-Net, (Humanities and Social
Sciences Online).
1.Clare Palmer, Peter C Jones & J. Quentin Merritt “The Case for Values Awareness in Environmental Higher
Education”. In: IGU Commission on Geographical Education. Geography and Environmental Education:
International Perspectives. Institute of Education, London. 11-13th April 1999 pp. 157-162. Online at:

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